Monday, December 5, 2016

NEW! Stamp Perfect Tool

Hello Hampton Art, Friends!
If you haven't heard the great news, we have a new tool that is currently being released to retailers called the Stamp Perfect Tool.

The Stamp Perfect Tool is a hinged stamp positioner that allows you to stamp an image multiple times to create duplicate cards or to fix a poorly stamped image.
You can also use the tool to layer stamp designs and have them land in the perfect spot each time.

Check out our video demonstrating our great new tool!


Here are a few more images of the Stamp Perfect Tool in action creating layered stamped images.

The best part... the Stamp Perfect Tool retails for $24.99!


  1. How is this any different
    than the MISTI? Are they
    just under different names?
    Looks pretty with this color.
    Carla from Utah

    1. The General design is similar to the Misti as are several others in the marketplace - the size and the ruler are different. The cost is about 1/2 of the Misti. Both have etched grids, 2 magnets and a foam pad for Clear Stamps.

  2. Same product. MISTI was the first to come out with this tool.

  3. One of my magnets broke. How can I get a replacement one?

  4. I LOVE my Stamp Perfect tool and I loved the price, too. I noticed that the MISTI has a download of a grid that matches the lid. Can you please make that available for your tool? I would love to make a transparency of it and use it to line up other sizes/types of stamps.

  5. I have been serching for this but can't find any where to purchase it. Where did you get yours. The Michaels store in my area pulled them off the shelves and I was told they were not going to sell them any more.