Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Burlap Banner by designer Leanne Allinson

With the seasons changing, and Christmas and Valentine's Day behind us, it's time to start looking forward to creating a little bit of Easter decor.  And what better way to do that than with the gorgeous products readily available through Jillibean Soup.
I've been wanting to create a festive banner for some time now and to combine it with the gorgeous, soft colors of Spring.  This banner is very simple and takes less than an afternoon to put it together.
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner
Step 1:
Start this project by gathering your supplies; including a template for an Easter Bunny and a heart for either a die cutting machine or free hand design. Many of these templates can be found online for free. I've created several different sizes for the bunnies as well as having them face different directions.
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_1
Step 2:
After creating a heart stencil that fits onto the burlap banner, select a paint color from the Happy Hues collection and apply it directly. Ensure the stencil stays in one place by holding it firmly with your free hand when applying paint with your other. I have alternated the colors of the hearts over five banner triangles. Allow sufficient drying time between colors if you are using only one stencil.
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_2
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_3
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_4
Step 3:
Lay two pieces of florist wire onto a flat surface and arrange the Alpha Tiles and bunny cut outs until you are happy with your design. Leave approximately 1" of florist wire at each end of the bottom wire, to allow the word embellishment to be attached to the banner.  Be sure to overlap and layer elements to create a more dimensional look. Once happy with the layout, carefully use a hot glue gun to adhere the paper to the wire.
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_5
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_6
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_7
Step 4:
Once the word embellishment is secure, carefully thread through the top of the burlap banner edge and bend the excess wire behind to help secure it in place.
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_9
Step 5:
Complete the banner by adding a wood veneer "Happy" word to the top of the Alpha Tiles as well as some sweetly placed butterfly clothes pins for extra Easter Festive vibes
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_8
Jillibean Soup_Leanne Allinson_Easter Banner_10
Easter Burlap Banner by Leanne Allinson
Jillibean Soup
Patterned Paper: Summer Red Raspberry Soup/whipped cream; Chilled Cucumber Soup/sherry vinegar; Happy Camper Stew/2 parts adventure.
Mix The Media: Burlap Banner Kit
Veneer Clothes Pins: Butterflies
Alpha Tiles: White Alpha Tile
Wood Veneer Words: Today
Happy Hues: precocious pink, yummy yellow, amiable aqua
Other - florist wire, Easter Bunny & heart silhouette cut file/template.

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