Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mix the Media - Shaped Wood Planks - USA

When I received a box with the BRAND NEW Mix the Media shaped wood pieces - Star, Heart, Chicken Wire Frame and USA, I grabbed the USA, nails, my hammer and some embroidery floss and started to play!

Start by nailing around the border. My nails were about .75"-1" apart. Make sure you keep the nail from the very edge of the wood plank. You could nail off part of Texas or Florida if you aren't careful.

Nail a heart design where ever you like in the middle. Mine is over Indiana.

Start stringing from the heart to the nails on the outside border. I used 3 skeins of white embroidery floss.

That little red heart tack comes with the USA wood plank. It's so cute! Just pop that red heart where ever your heart calls home!

The best news... all the shaped wood pieces are SHIPPING NOW! Start looking for them at your favorite stores.



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