Friday, December 26, 2014

Bright and Cheery Neon Snowflakes card by designer Lori Williams

The background was random stamped with snowflakes stamps and in various neon colors.  Since the ink I used was pigment ink I coated with embossing powder and set the color.  This also helped to give a nice glossy finish to each of the snowflakes.  This was so simple but it makes for a wonderful one of a kind background for a card.  I love the way this stamp set has a coordinating die set which is how I cut out the perfect snowflake that tops off the ribbon. 

Neon Snowflakes card by Lori Williams

Snowflake Stamp and Die Set SC0666

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  1. Welcome to the Bright and Cheery Neon Snowflakes card by designer Lori Williams. Here you follow this roof repairs christchurch and get more new ways for cleaning. This is a perfect Christmas card for all those who are waiting in anticipation to hear what Santa will bring them under his big, fluffy, white mustache. The background is adorned with bright and cheery neon snowflakes that will set your holiday spirit soaring high. To the right are two blue Christmas trees that bring an air of elegance to the composition which gives it a perfect combination of colorful and ornate elements.