Thursday, September 12, 2013

Heat Embossing, Paint and Masking technique card by Leanne Allinson

Hi Everyone, it's Leanne here today, to share a quick and easy, step by step guide to creating a colourful background for your stamped sentiments.

You are No. 1 card, by Leanne Allinson.
Hampton Art for Echo Park - "About a Boy" (SC0526); "Scoot" (SC0528)
Archival Ink (jet black); VersaMark (watermark)
other - cardstock, acrylic paint, clear embossing powder, post-it notes, soft paint brush.

Step 1.  Cut white cardstock to size (4.25" x 8.5").  Fold in half.  Ink "No. 1" image with embossing ink and stamp directly onto the cardstock in the lower right corner.  Sprinkle with clear embossing powder until the image is completely covered.  Replace the excess embossing powder into its container and heat set the image.  

Step 2.  Choose four contrasting acrylic paint colours.  Apply a pea-size amount to four separate containers and with a small amount of water, dilute the mixture until it produces large droplets of paint.  With a soft paint brush, load it with the first colour and allow it to drip onto an area of the embossed stamped image.  Mop up the excess paint sitting on the embossed image with a tissue and allow the rest to dry.  Repeat with the remaining colours, cleaning your brush between uses. 

Step 3.  Using the line of "stitching" image (Echo Park - Scoot), stamp around the edges of the card. 

Step 4.  Next, take two post-it notes and stamp the "You are the Man" (Echo Park - About a Boy) image onto each.  Cut out the word "you" from the  first post-it note and place it where you want the word to be stamped on the card.  The post-it note should keep the mask in place.  Repeat these steps with the second post-it note and the word "are".  

Step 5.   Re-ink the "You are the Man" stamp, and lining it up with the image on the post-it note, stamp onto the card. 

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