Friday, December 7, 2012

KI Memories: Phone Photos

What do you do with the pictures you take with your smartphone?  If you’re like the majority of people, you share it to Facebook or Instagram and then it just sits on your memory card until you have to clear space to download a new app!  KI Memories Designer Shannon Tidwell make a great layout using some of her “phone photos” and the KI Memories Flashback Collection! Try it out sometime and share it on our Facebook page!

Phone Photos Layout



Viewfinder Designer Cardstock-KI10001

Timeline Designer Cardstock-KI10004

Blocks of Time Designer Cardstock-KI10005

Daily Washi Tape-KI10014

Smile Washi Tape-KI10013

Red Cheveron Washi Tape-KI10016

Instaframes Lace Die-Cut Cardstock-KI10008

Smile Lines Bejeweled Transparencies-KI10009

Little Things Cardstock Stickers-KI10027

Letterhead Cardstock Stickers-KI10026

Happy Day Applique Border Stickers-KI10024

White Charms Glitter Stickers-KI10029

Machine Stitching

Straight Pins


Designer Notes:

I created a grid mat for my grid photo by using four sections of the Blocks of Time Designer Cardstock. It created the perfect separation from the fun background. Even though the layout has a lot of color and pattern going on it doesn’t feel too ‘full’ because I grouped my embellishment areas together. There are 3, the top border, the photo mat area, and then the title area.




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