Thursday, December 6, 2012

KI Memories: Hot Date Gift Card Holder

Here’s your first project from one of our new design team members, Gretchen McElveen! Yes, click on her name, visit her blog and get ready for a KI Memories project EVERY TUESDAY AFTERNOON! Oh my we’re excited!!!

Gretchen McElveen_Gift card card


KI Memories Hot Date Candy Hearts

KI Memories Hot Date Heartthrob

KI Memories Hot Date Her Secret

KI Memories Hot Date Pretty Things

KI Memories Hot Date Hottie Type

KI Memories Hot Date Brads

KI Memories Hot Date Tape

Gretchen McElveen_Gift card card_close up1

Designer Notes:

My favorite thing to do with the 3"x3" pockets from KI Memories is use them as gift card holders. They are the perfect size! I used the super cute "Hot Date" line from KI Memories to make a card for a friend and I added a pocket inside to hold a gift card.

Gretchen McElveen_Gift card card_inside1Here’s a picture of the inside of the card (yes, JUST AS PRECIOUS AS THE FRONT)!!!

 Gretchen McElveen_Gift card card_inside2 And, here it is with an always awesome gift, an iTunes gift card :)

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