Monday, October 22, 2012

Mermaid ATC's

The long hot days of summer have begun, here in New York we've been feeling them in a big, humid and sticky!  So, we stayed inside the air conditioning and made some swimmy mermaid ATC cards.  I've had a group that gets together for Artist Trading Cards for over five years --that's a lot of ATC's! 
We started with using the Smooch ink marbleizing technique, (check my last post for the entire instructions), then we collaged with vintage photos, glitter, wire, beads and who knows what else!  Whatever sticks usually winds up on the ATC's.


Here are some made by Lois...


Here are Terri's...


Here's some of Sandy's...


...and these are mine.
I just love the way the Smooch marbleizing lends itself to these watery images. Even if you don't use blues and greens, you still get the feeling of flowing water, that's because the papers are made in a water bath. 
Have you tried this technique yet?  Starting with ATC cards is an easy way to experiment with a new technique.  It's a small project, not time consuming and so much fun.

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