Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Large Notepad

So were you wondering what the product was on Friday? It is a large notepad. I am so excited over the notepads, because they make a fabulous gift, and from your gift a layout can be made. So let's get started.


The products I used were


So working right on the notepad--back your photo or photos in black.
Adhere under the bow--about 2' from the top, and I trimmed my tails up a bit on the bow.
Stamp "today" in the upper right corner of your mounted photo
Stamp "remember" with your glue pad in the bottom left of your mounted photo
Sprinkle glitter over your glue stamped image and pour the excess back into the jar
Now you have a cute gift to give someone.


Now let's take it to the next level....
Tear off that front page that you just made, and trim just a bit off the top.
Mount onto 9x9 colored cardstock
Mount that onto a 12x12 black cardstock
Add a solid tag to the bottom right of the note pad, and add some journaling. Now you also have a finished layout.



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