Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Stamp around a curve

Today it is time for a how to.

 Supplies needed
1 - 5x7 photo
 2 - 12x12 sheets of cardstock --I used grey and periwinkle
 a tag -- I used Hampton ArtsDT0028 Solid Tags
a title -- I used Hampton Arts stamps DT0047 Ditto Labels 1  and  DT0046 This Day Sentiments
and a stamp that is some sort of thin line -- here I used 2 different words from the same DT0046 This Day Sentiments.
Start by tracing a circle onto your cardstock. You will want to choose which color is your base and which is your stamping color. For mine I used grey as the base and periwinkle as the stamping color. I used 2 different sized plates from my cupboard. Trace the large first, and then center the small inside of the large.
Now it is time to stamp.

Lay your acrylic block down over the circle, if you do not have a block a CD cover works great too. You just want to be able to see what you are doing. Here you will place your clear stamp following the curve of the circle. Then you will be ready to stamp around the entire circle at a perfect curve. Instead of taking off each phrase to be able to stamp the second phrase, I used these same steps of lining up on the curve with my second phrase onto a CD cover. Now I am ready to ink and stamp my image. Re-ink your stamp every time and take your time and make sure the curve is lining up.


Now that you have your circle stamped all the way, look to see if you have any mess ups or a bad spot, if you have one then start your cutting there. This can go under your photo and be hidden. You will want to cut out the inside and the outside edge of the circle. And on your mess up you can cut right through the circle since it will be covered and will make it easier to cut.


Use your tag for journaling. And stamp a title, or use a pre made title, or even stamp or use alphabet stickers. Adhere your circle center to the page. Adhere your 5x7 photo to the left of the page, covering the circle and 1' in from the left side. Adhere your tag and title to the bottom right corner of the photo and you are good to go.
A very clean and simple layout. I can't wait to give this to Melissa this weekend. 


This project is by our new DT member Jamie Harper.

4sm bio
Jamie has been in the scrapbook industry since 2004. She is passionate about stamping and scrapbooking. She is a 2007 Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame winner, and you can find her work frequent CK magazine. More than anything this hobby drives her to capture her families memories on film and document the story. She has 4 children; Taylor 15, Madisann 14, Zachary 11, and Tyler is 8. She loves to create for each one of them and her husband. She is a stay at home mom and Photographer, and we welcome her to our family.

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