Monday, October 22, 2012

Do you want a back to shool Teacher gift idea?

What I like to do at the start of every school year is to give the elementary teachers a gift on the first day of school. The key here is to keep it simple. All summer long I keep my eye on the dollar bins at various stores. So take time and gather some inexpensive gifts. This year was things to help her in the classroom. You will also need paper lunch bags, tags, and patterned paper or I used here DT0021 photo pockets.


Step 1 gather all needed supplies


Step 2   fill your bags and fold about 1 inch at the top and staple on the outside edges


Step 3    cut your paper or photo pocket to size. If you are using a photo pocket then you will simply cut on the fold and then on the smaller piece you will fold in half. If you are using patterned paper you will cut a piece 5x5 and fold in half.


Here is the folded paper


Step 4   put the folded piece on the top of the bag. Punch a hole 2 inches in from the left side. Adhere your tag with ribbon or string. DELIVER your gift!!!!!! 

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