Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Designer a Day: Wendy Morris

Hey there! We're so glad you've joined us on the blog today :) We've got a really special, crafty lady that has really caught our eye! It's our pleasure to introduce you to...

Wendy Morris

Name/nickname: Wendy
Where you live: Daphne, Alabama
A brief statement about your household: In a relationship (my boyfriend is Italian and lives 5000+ miles away in Salzburg, Austria (for now).  He is super awesome, extremely thoughtful, and truly inspiring! I have 0 children, 0 pets (but I adore Yorkies).  I live 30 minutes from the beach and that's pretty cool too!
What's your crafty style & expertise: I mostly create mini albums & mixed media projects.  In so many words, my style would be defined as delivering lots of details, blending the old + new + a funky edge + typically adding stamping in the mix.  I really zero in on the meaning of the pictures and working things out artistically with a strong eye for detail.
How long have you been stamping: An artisit at heart, for life, and really working scrapbooking, stamping and mixed media for 15+ years.
Your favorite color: Really depends on my mood... but lately crushing on some brights these days (geeze, I can't pick just one color) so turquoise, orange and pink!
Where do you draw your design inspiration from: I usually start out my projects with sketches, quotes, and title ideas overflowing from my idea journal (aka my "little black book"). Sometimes ideas will hit me in the middle of the day, early morning, late at night... so, I'm always ready to make note of that inspiration.  I'm thinking it's my eye to detail as an auditor that also comes out artistically in my inspiration. I come from a background of artists.  Everyone in my family can draw, illustration inspires me. Also, I have a strong love for photography, fashion, and music and I really focus on this "rainbow of inspiration" for my projects.  I love to inspire other - through my art, music, travels, and random tidbits of life - and this is the direction behind my blog, scrapNspire, which I've mothered since 2009.
Other design teams: Simple Stories, Bella Blvd, and Want2Scrap
Your favorite sweet treat: Peanut Butter Snickers (then again, I'm all over any candy or sweet treat... I'm such a kid)
Your favorite salty treat: Potato chips (any kind will do, plain, spicy, cheesy...)
One random/fun fact about you: Realizing how lucky to be in my 30's and I've visited countries I've only DREAMED to visit, sometimes I still have to pinch myself (one of the wonderful perks of my previous job as an International Auditor)

Soo cute! Don't you just LOVE all of the amazing details on this card!?

What an awesome layout! Wendy truly has a talent putting items together perfectly! 

What a fun and unique book! Can we say ... LOVE IT !?
Welp, we know you're eager to see more, so go on over to her blog www.scrapnspire.blogspot.com :)

Enjoy your weekend and be ready to see our last few designers bios next week! Monday's leading lady is Vivian Keh!

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