Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Designer a Day: Vivian Keh

Hey hey Hampton Art friends!!! We're so sad that we're almost done introducing our designers! We have had so much fun getting to know these gals in a unique way! We hope you have as well! But do not fret, these 13 Design Queen's will be our SUPERSTARS for the upcoming year... so you'll see a lot... I mean A LOT more from them!  Okay, with any further chit chat... 

Vivian Keh

Name/nickname: Vivian, some of my friends call me Miss Vivi - I kinda like it!
Where you live: I was born, raised and schooled on the east coast.  Then I got real world "schooled" for the next decade in Los Angeles.  Currently, I live in Las Vegas, NV with my man and although we almost never go to the strip, we love it here because there's so much great food! In a few months, we will be moving to the Bay Area, and then I think we'll be staying put.
A brief statement about your household: We are 7 - myself, my husband, 3 cats and 2 dogs! During the day, he primarily telecommutes while I do my "thang" in the craft room! During down time, we enjoy vegetating in a dogpile in front of the TV.
What is your crafty style & expertise: Ooh it's hard to categorize my style.  I feel very much at home working in a "clean vintage" style.  But, if I know who it's for, then the way I style my will totally depend on what kind of person the recipient is.  I love texture, upcycling, and I am oh so fond of beautifully detailed stamps as well as boldly graphic ones.  I put a good deal of effort into my youtube tutorials, providing clear instructions, dynamic narration, and originality whenever possible! Bonding with you guys over this is great fun for me! These days, participating in challenges is definitely helping me step outside of my comfort zone and grow my craft. 
How long have you been stamping: I've been crafty all my life.  A few years ago, on a whim, I decided to put together a handmade card for a dear friend and colleague.  It made her so happy that she has kept it in her purse and looks at it whenever she needs a pick me up! After that experience, how could I not become the die-hard cardmaker that I now am?
Favorite color: Must I choose one? OK. Green
Where do you draw your design inspiration from: I've found loads of inspiration in my humble garden and on walks with my dogs.
Other design teams: As of this moment, none.  Hampton Art is my first and Boy! I can't think of a better company with whom to start this phase of my crafting life! Hampton Art makes so many beautiful products and collaborates with some awesome labels - have you looked through their online catalog!? O! M! G!
Favorite sweet treat: Thankfully, I didn't grow up on sweets and don't crave them much.  But I LURVE an occasional pretty drink to commemorate a special moment!
Favorite salty treat: I have a nasty addiction to potato chips.
One random/fun fact about you: In the past six months, I've spoken more to my dogs than I have to humans, and usually it's in Italian!

There are so many AMAZING elements on this card... we can't pick out a favorite! Our jaws are still dropped! 

A simply stunning layout!

Once again, please notice the AMAZING detail and use of textures, technique and Vivian's special touch.  She's amazing!
Well ladies and gents, that was just the tip of the iceberg of creativity Vivian has to offer (yeah yeah please excuse the corny "Titanic(ish)" reference) please head on over to her blog contadinak.wordpress.com to see more of her amazing work!

Tomorrow, we've got the EVER-SO-INCREDIBLE Gloria Stengel!!!

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