Monday, October 29, 2012

Designer A Day: Linda Abadie

Hey ya'll and a happy Tuesday! We were so excited to announce our Design Team yesterday and we're going to take the next few days to introduce you to our ladies! We wanted to make sure we gave them ample time to get their goodies and we thought this would be a good idea to do so we can all become friends :)
First up is ... 

Linda Abadie

Name/Nickname you go by: Linda
City/State you live in: Fairfax, VA
A brief statement about your household: I am married with a wonderful husband, Andre, and we have 2 boys!
What's your crafty style & expertise: I like mixed media and bold colors. I lvoe to add a lot of textures and layers on my projects
How long have you been stamping: 5 years
Your favorite color: baby blue
Where do you draw your design inspiration from: Magazines and art blogs
Your favorite sweet treat: Cheesecake
Your favorite salty treat: Cheetos
One random/fun fact about you: I hate eating tomato, but I LOVE ketchup!

See... her work is AMAZING!

Check out the dimension and texture in this piece!
If you want to get to know a little more about Linda... hop over to her blog
Tomorrow, we'll get to know a little more about Diana Kovacs!

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