Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Designer a Day: Jamie Harper

Hey, hey! We've got an extra special designer here today... she's been a long time friend of Hampton Art and she actually use to write the blog! Yep, you can go back and look at all of her old projects and posts right here! She's so good with Ditto and truly brings that product to life, and she's a phenomenal photographer!  We are very proud to introduce you to... 

Jamie Harper

Name/nickname: Jamie
Where you live: Phoenix, AZ
A brief statement about your household: I only need one word, CRAZY!!! There are at least 6-10 teenagers daily in our home.  We are the home everyone hangs out at.
What is your crafty style and expertise: I craft on a daily basis, I am mostly a clean designer but I love to mix things up.
How long have you been stamping: 14 years
Favorite color: Turquoise
Where do you draw your design inspiration from: EVERYTHING!!!
Other design teams: American Crafts
Favorite sweet treat: Sonic drink - Sprite Zero with cherry, orange and pineapple mix in... try it!
Favorite salty treat: popcorn
One random/fun fact about you: I sing out loud and BADLY all the time

We even adore her handwriting!!! Jamie truly brings life to everything she creates!

Jamie is a Ditto Queen! We wish everyone knew, and loved this product as much as she does! It seems like the perfect way to keep track of her precious family memories!

This card is simply stunning! I would LOVE to receive this card in the mail!!! Great work, Jamie!
If you are drooling over Jamie's work, as we are, feel free to go on over to her blog  jamieharper.typepad.com to see all of her AMAZING work!

Tomorrow is our last Designer a Day post :(  And we saved a really good one, ADORA CONCEPCION!

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