Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Designer a Day: Claire Towle

Claire is our only non-US designer and we are SO EXCITED TO HAVE HER ON THE TEAM!  Claire has worked with Hampton Art in the past and now she's back to inspire us with her creativity!
Claire Towle: 

Name/nickname you go by: Claire or Sweet Pea
Where you live: Nottingham, UK
A brief statement about your household: Beardy husband, Jamie, Heather, the ten year old, Inky the wonder dog and Tallulah the terrific yorkshire terrier.
What's your crafty style & expertise: Stamping til I die.  There's nothing that doing a bit of stamping can't cure!
How long have your been stamping: Roughly 25 years
Your favorite color: Lime green, turquoise and red
Where do you draw your design inspiration from: From everything I hear, see and do.
Your favorite sweet treat: Cadburys caramel
Your favorite salty treat: Sushi
One random/fun fact about you: I love Dolly Parton and dancing in my studio shoes!

We simply ADORE her work!

What a great use of color and texture!

Head on over to her blog www.studio1975.co.uk to learn more about this spunky Brit :)

Tomorrow we'll have fun getting to know Dana Warren!

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