Monday, October 22, 2012

Are you ready for the weekend part 2

OK so have you ever just had one of those weeks where the world seems to spin so fast??? That was me this week. My kids go back to school Monday so we have been crazy this yes I have kept you hanging on for quite some time for this but OH so worth it!!!!!!


These are so new I do not have any links or codes as of yet!! I will clue you in as soon as I have details. These FABULOUS purses were a Hampton Arts CHA release. Seriously the COOLEST thing ever!!! So do you want to see what is inside?


It's a photo album!!!! a 4x6 photo album. Now if this is not THE BEST way to carry around a brag book I am not sure what is. I did a mini scrapbook style on the insides of mine. Here is the basic formula to follow for creating the inside spreads.

1. cut 2 pieces of 4x6 papers that are the same color. Hint I cut mine just a TINY bit smaller so that once I had the pages embellished they would slide into the protectors better.
2. I used 4x6 photos the only trick for cutting your photo is to never cut through a face. Sometimes the photos were centered and sometimes not.  
3. I kept the embellishing very simple with mostly just stamps and ink.


here is used
DT4406 This Day Sentiments
DT0048 Labels 2


SO simple and so easy!!!
DT0046 This Day Sentiments
DT0028 Tags solid


Sorry for the glare, it was so hard not to get one.
DT0045 Memories Sentiments


Here I punched circles out of
DT0018 4 1/2 x 9 scallop straight envelopes
Stay tuned for Monday as I will share the insides of these albums, and show you how versatile these albums are.  


Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

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