Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Album Love

So with Monday as a holiday and the kids being off today from school the follow up post got away from me. It happens, right? And on top of that I gave my cute wedding couple the album BEFORE I photographed it, trust me it has just been one of those weeks. But never fear I made up a quick new one for my dear friend. I left it a bit plain as I know she will want to add her own flair. So I will show you how to make the base of the album. Here is the album...

Edit 1 (3)

I used  5 scallop envelopes    mix and match clear stamps and inkers   and I bound my project with the Bind it all  but you can use a hole punch and rings just as easily.
First step is to evenly space all of your envelopes. You can use more or less than I did here. I used 5 because she has 5 children and there is one envelope for each of them to put special things inside with their photo on the outside.
Once you have the envelopes evenly spaced ( you can measure or just eyeball it ) mine are not perfect, but it looks good enough for me....then you will punch your holes, either with a bind it all of hole punch. If you are using a hole punch I would do a hole at the top and bottom of the left edge of the envelope, and then make sure the holes line up with the next envelope.
Then either bind or add your rings.

Edit 1 (2)

The next step for the project is to embellish. If this were mine I would have added maybe some quotes, ribbon, even flowers. But I just did the base for my friend, and added some stamping to each page.

Edit 1
Edit 1 (4)

You are now ready to fill your album. Stay tuned for tomorrow....I will show you the insides of this album.
Happy Thursday, Jamie


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