Monday, October 29, 2012

2012-2013 Design Team

Good morning Hampton Art friends!  We have been overflowing with excitement thinking about having our first ever design team, I mean really...AMAZINGLY TALENTED WOMEN (sadly no men applied) who want to be your brand's cheerleader and show off their FANTASTIC SKILLS TO THE WORLD OVER THE INTERNET!? What more could we ask for?!  

In all honesty, it was a very, VERY tough decision... we had a lot of qualified applicants apply and we truly wanted to keep them all!  It is inspiring for us to see how passionate you are about your creations.  Your blogs, tutorials, and photography was impressive, you should all be VERY, VERY proud of yourself and feel blessed to have such skill and talent that you share with your family and friends through your handmade masterpieces.

Alrighty, without any further chit-chat... it is my pleasure to introduce you to our

2012-2013 Hampton Art Design Team

Feel free to click on each name to see their personal blogs and get to know them!  We will be highlighting a "Designer a Day" for the next week so you can really get to know, and love them :) Please feel free to follow their individual blogs and ours.  We will be posting a link to each designer on our blog's side bar so you can always have access to them. 

Thanks again for everyone that applied! We hope you enjoy the many creative and talented ladies we've chosen and that you are looking forward to seeing what they will dream up in the near future!

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