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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My life layout

It is Monday and I am missing my family after the weekend. So today I thought I would do a layout to put on my desk. I am a vintage shabby chic kind of girl so I thought hmmmm I would LOVE a layout that really reflects my style AND incorporates my children.

So lots of DITTO mixed with a bit of Crate paper did just that. I love the DITTO product used here. The new card edged in my FAVORITE shade of green is one of my new best friends. I love the paper flowers, the grey and tan happen to be my favorite colors. I added a green tag, and then stamped a few of my favorite phrases. I then added 2 sheets of Crate patterned paper and 1 cardstock. And I now have this layout on the wall in my office. It just makes me feel happy.

And I love hiding my journaling. It keeps the feeling of the layout very clean and simple. So the journaling is inside the card.

Smooch Spritz Dye

Today we are going to make this cute envelope with lots of techniques along the way

So if you are looking then you may realize that we do not manufacturer this color flower, but did you know that you can have any shade or color of flower that you wish? Let's jump in and see how.

Start with a Ditto flower and your desired color smootch *hint, leave the flower on the plastic backing*

Spray your flower until the entire flower is covered. Remove the flower and set in the sun to dry. For the next step you will need your plastic backing with all of that ink on it.

Next we are going to match some lace to the flower. Using the excess ink on the backing rub your lace into the ink, once it is nice and covered add some water to really coat the lace.

Look at how bright the lace turned out. Set in the sun to dry, mine was dry in about 5 min but I do live in AZ so you may want to heat set it.

Once both are dried assembly of the card is simple. I stamped an image onto yellow patterned paper ( the same as in the top of the card) and cut the image out. Next lay a strip of adhesive onto the card, I used tacky tape. To adhere your lace bunch and gather as you go and press the lace into your adhesive. Next adhere your flower over top of the lace, and your heart on top of the flower. I find that Zots work the best. And for a finishing touch at the top, just cut some paper at an angle. And there you have a finished card. Can you imagine the possibilities of dying everything to match your projects? At our house we dye EVERYTHING, if you can't find something to match just dye it :)